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How to look high

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How to look high

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Tripping causes many users to see patterns, new colors, and even objects and people appear out of everyday life, making the entire world a fascinating playground. The idea of seeing the world as if for the first time, astonished by the shifting things around you, is key to playing the psychedelic user. Keep your eyes wide open, taking in as many sights as possible.

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Sometimes when people are high, they suffer from short-term memory loss.

Wherever possible, wear them so no one can see your eyes. Most likely, the last thing you might want to do at this moment is sit around and chat, but you must. That way, you can better act like you are detached from reality.

The best way to stay away from hign these types of mistakes and avoid even thoughts like these is to simply be quiet. You can also create eye redness by reducing your sleep. If you are indoors, then wearing sunglasses is just as suspicious as what they hide. If you are indoors, then please refrain, as this could make you look even more suspicious than when having red eyes.

How to act high (with pictures) - wikihow

Your eyes will look a little glossy right after using gow, but after a minute or two your eyes will look bright and normal. The last thing you want to do is be chatty and responsive, but you have to reach deep and find some motivation to interact and do things. Again, the sense of wonder is key to selling the performance. You don't have to explain what you see -- just be entranced by it. The thing is, when you make an effort to look normal, you look anything but, so focus on something else.

Also open them a tad how to look high then normal, but like not cocaine wide!

"do i look high?" 5 ways to fake being sober - high. how are you?

Nutrition is rarely a concern to someone who is high and has the munchies. Happy high!

hoa Choose an object around you that is moving, and stare at it for a long time, until people start to notice. Sunglasses are your best friend Photo Credit Nothing gives a recent sesh away like red eyes.

You could mess things up even worse the more you try to be careful, causing one disaster to lead to another and the next after that. Whatever your reason is, you need to look sober and fast.

How to not look high

Then, carry around some eyedrops to act like you are trying to counteract the redness. Forgetfulness might also cause a high person to enter a room and forget what they're there for. Desire to be anywhere but here Inability to move paralyzed by fear Advertisement. Stop fidgeting Photo credit It is natural to think that you must obviously look stoned, and thus try to look normal.

10 tips to hide your high -

Just like they effect a drunk person, poor coordination and judgment make a high person prone to mishaps. After a person uses marijuana, they might suddenly begin to stare blankly at the hands of a clock, a dripping faucet or a spinning ceiling fan. Try to how to look high up a topic, random fact, or insight that has nothing to do with the hgh at hand. Then all of a sudden your in-laws or neighbours stop by.

Whenever possible, wear sunglasses so no one can see your bloodshot eyes.

10 tips to hide your high

You can hoow it! Stopping halfway through a thought, as if taken by an incredible and inexplicable new truth, can help if you're running out of philosophical thoughts to improvise. When they talk, trippers are often speaking on a "higher plane" that doesn't usually make sense for the people who aren't on the same ride: A long rant about the beauty and connection between you how to look high the earth would not be out of place.

Maybe your parents stop by, or you got called into an emergency shift at work, or you have to make a last minute trip to the store. People who are high from marijuana have delayed responses, so try to respond to everything slower than usual.

If someone does something funny, try to laugh or giggle harder than you normally would. Lpok yourself down after a smoke session is a great way to hide how high you are. While the zoned out stare means you are lost in your thoughts, the fascinated stare shows that something in your surroundings has suddenly peaked your interest.

“do i look high?” 5 ways to fake being sober

Usually, this sort of laughter just kind of bubbles up in trippers as the result of a cool sight, strange new texture, or completely random, untraceable thought. You'll need to be convincingly freaked out, and you'll need a point of fixation -- either an object that has "transformed" into a demon or an imaginary space that you claim is "filled with horrible energy. Try to relax and distract yourself with something else.

Maybe your parents call around, or you have to pick up some ly-forgotten-but-now-essential-item from the grocery store snacks or rolling papersusually. Keep your eyes wide open, taking in as many sights as possible.

Pot often makes people feel happier and more free at first, so giggling and laughing over every little thing will help show that you are relaxed and carefree. Giggle at things that aren't usually very funny, and act like you can't stop laughing.