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Le boudoir club london

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Le boudoir club london

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Last night, I visited Le Boudoir, a members club that hosts sex parties every week, held at a secret London location. Advertisement Bojdoir As we arrived, the nerves set in. I tried the pole myself later that evening and was far less impressive, which the developing bruise on my bum dlub proof of. The dungeon, before the guests arrived Picture: Almara Abgarian Master Boudoir gives us a grand tour, while he tells us what we can expect in the coming hours.

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Le boudoir club, london | night clubs - yell

Le Boudoir hold weekly parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and also every first Wednesday of the month. After a little research on the range of parties on offer, it was clear: if you want it, it exists. I leave Cassandra and the Master to do their thing, and venture outside to le boudoir club london smoking area, where I chat to a few of the guests. Strictly members only, the club is set across 3 floors on the edge of the City's square mile, Le Boudoir delivers a unique, classy and lodon club environment with a variety of private and open play spaces that other 'party promoters' can only aspire to.

Le boudoir - contact

Master Boudoir, who we met earlier and gave us an introduction to the club, is busy doing what he does best. During a break in the smoking area, we meet another couple who complimented us on our boudoie upstairs — a first for me. We take in the sights around the dungeon.

We should all be so lucky. In fact, the manager reveals that the club has 20, members and another 5, on the waiting list, and some of the less desirable men will never get a membership.

Le boudoir club london events.

I tried the pole myself later that evening and was le boudoir club london less impressive, which the developing bruise on my bum is proof of. A few are dotted around the floor and the seating area, some participating, some just watching. Another couple tell me they came along the night before, and found a lady to play with. And what once seemed seedy could now unleash untapped desires, as our man on the inside discovered… Why would someone want to attend a sex party, I hear you ask.

In taking part, I have started conversations with friends londkn co-workers about sex parties, a great step towards normalising the subject and opening up the dialogue.

I went to a sex club – and here’s what happened

It must be a really interesting way to experience a new destination and really get to know the locals. Leave this field empty if you're human: Must Read. Lock her up Picture: Almara Abgarian The room is open to all. SinceLe Boudoir has been hosting sophisticated swingers parties for up to people every weekend. This loondon is busy with couples enjoying the party.

But Le Boudoir offers different themes, depending on the night. On the sofa next to us, two ladies have switched partners and are giving the men blowjobs.

We go for a little walk about to explore. A big FrankenBed on the left hosts four or five couples in the swing of things.

There is a slight spanner in the works as my date has forgotten her passport used as proof of age le boudoir club london addressso we have to swing by her house before party time. As we collect our coats, we are all smiles. What if I love it and get hooked? The only negative part of the experience was that despite the mischievous mood, as a single woman in a sea of boueoir offers, I still felt as an outsider, watching couples make love.

I floated the idea to my female friend, who was, surprisingly, up for it. The cosy corners of club and gently illuminating lights play host to the perfect night of decadent cpub.

Le boudoir club

He told us how it is becoming the norm for young women, who may have ideas of this type of pleasure, to take charge and attend these events. Couples engage in some seriously hot sex, some chill out by the sidelines and some meld into a mess of sweaty bodies.

Additionally, there are two glory hole rooms, where women and men can indulge in a strange penis or two. After rehydrating, we explore the dungeon which is now quite busy.

As we descend the stairs, I spot a large bed with a TV above it, set to porn, and a large vibrator, free for all to use. Before he clocked on tonight, we spoke about how some women, powerful women, value this experience as a space they can let go of control and still feel safe. We have met some lovely people, from staff members to partygoers, all with nothing but amazing things to say le boudoir club london big smiles on their faces.

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We walk in, pour our drinks and are introduced to our new surroundings by one of the lovely hosts. Advertisement Advertisement As we arrived, the nerves set in. What if I recognise someone? These are hand-picked by the club. We discover they are Dutch which spoke to the fact that a lot of guests who attend Le Boudoir come from far and wide. The dungeon, before the guests arrived Picture: Le boudoir club london Abgarian Master Boudoir gives us a grand tour, while he tells us what we can expect in the coming hours.

We feel as if we had to come down from all of that sexual energy and settle back into real life. First name address Tick to confirm you are happy for us to include info and offers about selected brand partners.

A nondescript wooden door with a video buzzer marks the point of no return. To my left, three women are getting head from their respective lovers. A sling is put to good use in the corner and couples entangle in the cell room. Last night, I visited Le Boudoir, a members club that hosts sex parties every week, held at a secret London location.

Master Boudoir is teaching me and Cassandra how to spank a blonde lady who is restrained on a bench, while she gives her partner a blowjob. On the right, there are three beds with sheer curtains providing not much privacy; more an illusion of it. For more information about the upcoming events at Le Boudoir, visit leboudoir. Especially this one gentleman from Scotland, who has come along le boudoir club london his female friend — I catch both of them in a swingers situation later that evening.

Good music blaring, good looking and younger than I thought people chatting and laughing. Venture in to a relaxation area and things can become very interesting indeed… Find Le Boudoir, close to The City boudoif London - the venues exact address will only be provided upon confirmation of membership acceptance.

Le boudoir club london

I can see why this is a part of peoples lives. The only way I can explain the feeling in that room is intoxicating. You never know what might come through the hole Picture: Almara Abgarian The building used to be a bank, and owners of Le Boudoir have kept many of the original fittings, including lonxon vault which, coincidentally, is home to the dungeon.

Moans and groans are bouncing around the walls and time is flying. I chose to check out the Saturday, strictly for couples and single boudoit. We come across the dungeon.