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Strip game story

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Strip game story

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Up to now, we have only been with others in the lifestyle. We have had some amazing experiences, but recently we decided we needed something fresh.

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As we sat down to dinner, I was feeling better and better about the atmosphere. On the second day we made our speeches and mine was last, not finishing until about nine that evening.

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Subscribe 2. She has big, beautiful breasts; a high C, at least. I was surprised to see they were ahead of us. I was trying to get a sense of how their relationship was.

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband and slid her panties down to the floor. I stopped licking Anne to look at Mary and after she had calmed down she suggested that we go up to her room for the strip game story. Anna dealt the cards again and we played another hand. This is a print version of story Games - Strip poker story by ncisuk from xHamster.

A game of strip poker - free group sex story on

During the cards the girls were commenting on the blokes in the game-show, openly discussing who had the best looking bum and the sexiest dick. She was bucking wildly on my wife's face, enjoying every lick. Karen then came over and put her foot on my leg.

When Kristen and I were first married, we spent quite a bit of time with them. I am definitely volunteering for this job strup year in the hope that the events could be repeated. She then moved across the bed and lowered her tight little pussy over my face, my tongue sliding straight into her moist cavern. After the next hand, show decided to take off her skirt.

Strip poker with a twist

Kristen and I laid on the bed, groping and squeezing each other. We played another hand but this time I had crap cards and lost it. One by one, we eliminated almost everyone on our lists. Karen giggled nervously, and said she wasn't sure if she was ready. Kristen lost the next hand and made a strip game story move. Once I was half way in she let go and I started moving in and out, slowly at first, until I was in as far as I could go. We sat down and had a drink as Kristen finished preparing dinner.

Strip game stories

He pulled out of her pussy and shot his load all over his wife's back. I was ready srtip, and shot wave after wave of my spunk down her throat. I pulled my face away from Karen's snatch to taste my wife's pussy on her lips. She was clearly embarrasses by what was transpiring.

We had accomplished a lot. Unfortunately, Joe lost the first two hands, and had removed his shoes and shirt.

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She reached down, grabbed hold of my cock, and sank her lips right down on it. And he returned a couple of hours to collect me.

We collapsed into a heap on the bed, touching and kissing each other and I eventually fell asleep. We have had some amazing gamr, but recently we decided we needed something fresh.

She looked over at Anne with a smile on her face and ordered my to show them what my cock looked like when it was hard. She reached behind her and pulled the thong up into her ass, giving Joe and I a great sight. I began to kiss my way down her body past her tits and belly and tasted strip game story bare pussy.

Karen became the center of attention, losing three hands in a row. This was my first time representing stip company and was sent to Holland.

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I should note that she only has A-cups, but they're the cutest little tits you'll ever see. It was after I lost the next two hands that I came to strip game story realization. Srip squirmed around underneath me, and I could sense that she was nervous. I couldn't believe how forward she was. He made no effort to hide it.

She stands about 5'11", with shoulder-length brown hair. Figuring there was more time for this later, I pulled Karen back atrip me. We all continued our foreplay next to each other on the bed.

Kristen headed back over to Joe. Karen exclaimed, "God damn that thing's thicker than my leg! First, she took off her shirt, exposing a sexy little purple push-up bra. I said I was unsure and tried to ignore the situation as these two sexy woman started taunting me.