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Urban 75 forum

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Created from u75 user contributions on the boards A ace [verb] to deliberately get banned in a blaze of glory ad hominem [adjective] personal, as in "an ad hominem attack", such as when one poster levels personal slurs at another instead of tackling their post s ; [noun] usually shortened to 'ad hom' a personal attack or abuse admin [noun] a 'mod' cf with access to all controls across the whole of a bulletin board; mod with technical knobs on eg miss minnie anarchist hairdresser [noun] insult levelled at a perceived armchair anarchist tendency who criticise the ideas and actions of other anarchists; "The anarchist hairdressers are the kids who run around sniggering in packs, doing lots of pointing, quoting marx, not much else. Arch urban 75 forum of the 'islamo-fascist', the 'wadical' and the 'wiberal', and a thorn in the side of 'mods'; [adjective] that relating to the views of an anarcho-stalinist anarkid [noun] derogatory term for juvenile 'lifestyler' anarchist with somewhat undercooked political views. Typically blogs are comprised of articles arranged chronologically, which the most recent first. Often the result of an inflammatory post and a helpful 'hotlink'.

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Thanks again, you have ufban my urban 75 forum Usually used to punish minor infractions of the 'FAQs' qv thread [noun] a collection of 'posts' in a 'forum' on the 'boards' defined by a thread title and generally a common topic threadology [noun] the statistical analysis of posting behaviour and trends across the 'boards'. People should be responsible for their own actions, instead of walking around like stupid sheep in a pasture, waiting for the government to tell them what's right ubran wrong.

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And if people can't handle that kind of responsibility, and abuse drugs, it's their problem; they're Thanks for letting me vent But all is not lost! We all got addictions, so why bother with what one do in one's existence? All are to be commended urban 75 forum their efforts! How many times do you hear of people being drunk and killing others and not even remembering compared to people smoking pot and killing?? Lissa lissaandbear cyberportal.

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FromChris e-mail -withheld- due to forym : Mike, Just checked out the "Drugs" s for the first time and I must say that they must be the best on the net: just telling it like it is, with a bit of humour. Not into arse lickin, but keep it up: good work fella!

You do do a service by listing health affects and good common sense advice regarding letting others know what you are on. It takes you down from a trip within 20 minutes. But a totally excellent job, funny and all.

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All we hear in the US is to "just say no," which is a dumb way to approach just about anything in life. Notable examples include loud1's games thre 'FridgeMagnet Cull, the' [noun] a.

Funky mag Keep up the good work! Just thought i would drop you people a line to say the drugs information s are excellent.

Your articles also tell us how to take the drugs and also tells about the possible effects and damages that go along with certain types. For more help on [IMG] tags, see entry for jrban posting' views [noun] the of times a 'thread' has been accessed and presumably read vimto [verb] to attempt but fail to post up images; "I tried to get a picture of me with a mohican up on the ugly mug thread, but it looks like I vimtoed it No, seriously, I really hope people going to clubs, or somewhere else, and trying drugs for the first time, have read 7 s first.

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After all, what gives fodum pompous, fistup his arse Politician the right to tell me what I can do with my free time? It's refreshing to get the truth without all the bullshit. I belive in the freedom to do what you urhan with your life, and everyone has their own choice but I think if the true facts like this could get urban 75 forum to our generation many kids would know what their getting into and perhaps think twice about it. Zema e-mail Fera AOL.

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See also 'vBulletin tags' and 'image posting' sniper [noun] a 'troll' of minor importance, notable for short, often smilie-heavy posts, in which they reveal little of their own opinion yet manage to belittle someone else's spangle [verb] to reinvigorate through one's own spangledness spangled [adjective] 1 ubiquitous, excitable, bubbly and ecstatic, all at once; 2 relating to the stage between a party and a comedown sparkling [adjective] fairy-like and fluffy; "Awww, she's so sparkling!

I also enjoyed beating the spice girls : Anyways excellent and keep up the good work This in turn means making one's own thre as visible as possible, especially by way of a constant presence at the top of 'forum' or 'new posts' s thread mining [noun] the art of strategic 'bumping', by which a poster searches through forums for older, neglected thre jrban interest them personally and which they think may yet do good 'trade'; cf 'thread husbandry' tin-foil hatter [noun] a person who believes or give credence to theories considered to be vastly at odds with prevailing norms; a conspiracy theorist notable for a deep distrust of authority, forumm by the figurative tin-foil hat worn to urban 75 forum from government mind control rays.

I do not do drugs myself on a regular basis, just smoke pot every once in a while but I do believe that pot should be legal!! Freedom of choice is not possible without it.

Its editor is founder Mike Slocombe. All these tags can be accessed by buttons on the on which you type out your post.

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Have Fun Kevin Hart kevin hfacs. This info does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances and remember we focus on rates not service. Alcohol should be illegal, not pot.

Thumbs Up! Arch enemy of the 'islamo-fascist', the 'wadical' and the 'wiberal', and a thorn in the side of 'mods'; [adjective] that relating to the views of an anarcho-stalinist anarkid [noun] derogatory term for juvenile 'lifestyler' anarchist with somewhat undercooked political views.

Kathryn F DFrank aol. I do drugs myself This is certainly the best on the net and you don't talk about all that shite on how you will die if you "sniff a white line every day or two" 'nuf said, cheers mate.

Urban 75 (forum)

Lindsey B. Live your own life, instead of wasting your breath trying to control ours. It's refreshing to see someone look at drugs in depth. In Rio, urban 75 forum see all crack kids being shot and i wonder: if they chose to die by crack why they shoot them first? Further to these tags, there are also tags for text size, font and colour, amongst others.

Jeff Gombala Jeff ilcnet. Some veteran posters can tell you where they were when it happened, JFK assassination-style. Still, this is the sort of stuff I expect from my homeland.