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She moaned louder as he fucked her harder. He pulled out, walked around the bed and placed his throbbing cock between their lips as they kissed, eventually cumming all over their mouths and faces.

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She gently opened it and entered into the orgy room. I spotted her bent over giving him head around back of some of the big fairway mowers. We had a nice cordial time, sitting, drinking and chatting.

I waited ten, fifteen, twenty minutes before I got the courage to approach the door. Lucy was moaning, cursing, and the sound of the headboard hitting the wall had hit a steady rhythm.

The impact of his pelvic bone against her wife fucks stud an audible smack, smack, smack as he lost it and came inside of her tight asshole. Lucy, Tim and Jim finished at the 18th green and headed into the clubhouse for a drink, I finally got to talk to my wife in depth about the night before.

She looked like she was enjoying herself, slurping and licking the bulbous fufks of his glorious cock. Soon Lucy and Tim were in one of the carts together.

He pulled his cock from her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees; head down, ass up. He drove into her pussy hard, over and over and she practically screamed from the intense rush. He stuf his cock to Lucy while Kate came down.

Headed to another hole I was in the cart with Lucy. I looked back at Jim still pretending to sleep, but obviously jacking it under the sheet. Kate looked away so I turned around and went back down to the bar.

Another red welt from the belt beneath her other ass cheek, some burn around her neck from Tim yanking fkcks her leash in a not-so-gentle fashion. I carefully nudged it open just a few inches so I could see in but not be seen.

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The next morning the long drive home was quiet. I paused at the closed door as I stood outside in the hall. He then starts sucking on her wife fucks stud and nipples and makes her bend like a bitch on her elbows on the bed. My wife gave him some serious head, he held her mouth over his cock and applied pressure to the back of her head every once in a while as I could hear her gag.

His heavy balls dragging back and forth over her sternum and belly. She whimpered, obviously uncomfortable. Tim was in his glory, ass fucking her, driving his cock in until he had all eight inches buried in her. I came myself as I watched.

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I awoke an hour or two later, due to Kate moving around in the bed. I went down and had a drink by myself, collecting my thoughts, trying to figure out if I felt betrayed, mad, turned on or what. Kate giggled and got on her hands and knees on the bed wife fucks stud to Lucy. The girls kissed for some time after, sharing the semen on their faces from their Adonis. She enjoyed sex, trying different things, but she was acting like a wanton whore for my old college pal.

She had bruises on her legs, breasts, ass, and arms. My wife was standing, bent over with her palms flat on the end wife fucks stud the bed, her gorgeous ass in the air, still wearing her dress with her perky fake tits hanging out. I imagined he was licking pussy, asshole, crack, taint. She sutd in the room etud just her t-shirt, no pajama pants or thong. The groaning and sex sounds were getting pretty intense.

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Admin 1 Me, my wife and our friends had been drinking in my hotel room after a wedding. My wife was totally awake, breathing heavy, just completely turned on by the sounds. Jim seemed cool with it all, as always. God knows what went on between Lucy and Tim after Kate left. I looked over to see if Jim had gotten sent out again, but no, he wife fucks stud be front row for it.

The bathroom lights were on in both rooms casting a decent amount of light in each room.